Here’s a Method That is Helping Route Sales Companies Reduce Windshield Time and Increase Sales

One of the biggest expenses in Route Sales is Windshield Time.  Not only does it cost money for fuel, but the salesman gets paid for travel time as well.  And let’s not forget that time behind the wheel is time they are not selling,.

SMART Routing helps solve this!

Whether bringing in a new sales rep, setting up a new sales route, merging routes, or splitting a route SMART Routing can help.

You simply:

  1. Set the approximate number of days between when a customer should be seen
  2. Save the Sales Rep’s starting address (home, office…)
  3. Click the button to turn on SMART Routing

Each night SMART Routing will look at the customers that are coming due to be seen and automatically set up an optimized route for them.

If you have 30, 60, 90, 180… day customers setting up a route is a very complex task.  SMART Routing takes care of it for you not only figuring out which customers should be seen when, but making sure they are close together, allocating the estimated time needed at each customer based upon past history and then putting them in an optimized order to be seen each day.

SMART Routing is helping to:

  • Save Fuel costs
  • Reduce non-sales time costs
  • Wear and Tear through vehicle mileage
  • Increase lifetime of the sales vehicle

Call us today at (847) 348-1404 to learn more.



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