Get Rid of Tax and Other Math Problems on Invoices Once and for All

Tired of your Plumbers or HVAC Technicians adding up the totals wrong, or not calculating the taxes correctly?

They are great at their job they can fix the customer’s problems but does it cause more trouble for you when you see a copy of their invoice and you realize they calculated the totals wrong.

6 Common calculation errors:

  1. Maybe they used multiple of a product and did not multiply it right.
  2. Maybe they applied a discount but did it wrong.
  3. Maybe they calculated the taxes wrong
  4. Maybe they skipped an entire line
  5. Maybe the customer had a special price and they did not use it.
  6. Or maybe they overcharged the customer

Now you are stuck with bad option 1 or bad option 2:

2 bad options:

  1. You have to contact the customer to correct the payment and have to explain why they owe more money
  2. You have to eat the loss out of your profits

I think we can all agree that neither one of these is a great option.  Wouldn’t it be better if this wasn’t even an issue?

Well as you know, cell phones and tablets are all computers now days. What are computers great at?  Computing totals.

The Solution

Field Service Trakker solves all of these issues.  Not only does it run on your tech’s phone or tablet to make sure everything gets added up, but it also holds your price list, even special pricing for certain customers.

With Field Service Trakker, no longer are you at the mercy of your plumbers and technicians to do the math on all of the line items, but it also calculates the taxes and creates a clean legible invoice for your customer.

Contact us today

If your tired of correcting invoices or taking the hit to your bottom line contact us today at (847) 348-1404 and tell us you want to Get Rid of Tax and Other Math Problems on Invoices Once and for All.

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