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Longwell Technologies offers Logistic Solutions for small to medium sized businesses.  We have been helping businesses become more efficient through technology since 1998.  We have been focused on small business since the beginning.  However we also know that there are technologies and processes that can be used from big business and scaled down to be meet the more versatile small business world.

That is why we have people who not only worked in small business and understand their needs but have people who have developed logistic solutions for large companies like Monsanto, McKessen, Allstate and many others large businesses.  By taking the best of what the big business solutions can offer and focusing it on small business needs and their ability to react to changing environments quickly we have helped many small and medium sized businesses better compete in their fields.

Our Field Service Logistic Solutions:

Our Trakker Suite of software is geared to the Field Service industry.  It very easy to get started with and easy to grow with.  It helps efficiently schedule appointments to save time, fuel, and money, as well as track inventory and create clean ledgable invoices.

We have logistic solutions for:

  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Window Washing
  • Computer Maintenance and Repair Services
  • Coffee Delivery Services
  • Appliance Repair and Service

Read more about Field Service Trakker.

Looking for a Scheduling Solution?

appointment booking in Longwell Logistic Solutions
Is this your appointment book?

Don’t need our complete logistic solutions?  Are you just looking to help improve your scheduling needs?  Out Scheduling Trakker can keep all of your techs/reps appointments in one electronic system that multiple people can schedule at the same time and each tech/rep can see the update right on their iPhone, Andriod, or Windows 8 Phone.

Scheduling Trakker:

  • Stores appointments on the cloud
  • Shares Appointment book with each office user (always in kept in sync)
  • Automatically recommends shortest travelling times for appointments
  • Can be opened on Techs phones GPS
  • Keeps history of all past appointments by customer.

Read more about Scheduling Trakker.


Manufacturing Logistic Solutions

Our first customer was in manufacturing and we still continue to support them to this day.  Our Job Trakker Manufacturing Logistic Solutions help them track all of the details of their shop with ISO 9000 compliance.
Read more about Job Trakker

Are Logistic Solutions Customizable?

Our Trakker Suite of solutions right out of the box are very versatile and can be configured in many different ways to meet our customers needs.  In addition we  also recognize that some of our customers have very specific needs that no pre-packaged solution will provide them.  So we have made the Trakker Suite of products capable of being completely customized by our development team to meet our customers very specific and unique needs without having to develop a software solution from scratch.
Our customized Trakker customers, including our very first manufacturing customer, have been able to benefit for years from the updates we make to the main system while keeping all of their specifically coded needs.


What about Mobile Apps?

Though “general” mobile apps are not what we primarily do, we have been providing sophisticated portable/mobile apps for our Field Service customers to use in the field as well as for our manufactures to use in their shops.  We’ve been doing portable device and mobile solutions since 2004 well before the term Mobile App ever existed.  So yes we can deliver solutions for:
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • iPhones and iPads
  • Andriod
  • Portable Barcode Scanners
  • Windows Mobile
  • Windows 8 Phone

What’s Next?

Look around our website or contact us by email or call 847-348-1404 and ask for Keith to find out how our turnkey small business logistic solutions  can help your business save time and money by utilizing our customizable turnkey software for your unique needs, or contact us to ask about custom solutions.
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