You pay more for your employees cell phone each month than this.  For less than $1 per day Field Service Trakker will help reduce fuel consumption, ensure accurate pricing and calculations, help you get paid faster…

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Pricing Per Device
Call for
Unlimited Customers200 per device
Unlimited Products100 per device
Purchase Orders
Auto Email Invoices
Quickbooks Integration
Truck Maintenance Log
# of Desktop Installs246Unlimited
36 Price Codes
Customer Specific Pricing
Volume Discount Pricing
Customer Do No Sell List
Customer Sell Only List
Outlook Integration *
SMART Routing
Exclusive TerritoryMin 7 Devices
Customized Invoice
Data Stored on
Your own server
No monthly
subscription required

  • Outlook integration requires a shared folder or web file hosting service
  • Jumpstart Offer

    Do you have customers and products and prices and/or other data you want loaded into the system?

    Want to get things jump started?

    Want assistance getting started?

    We can help you get the data imported and get your staff up and running and confident on the Field Service Trakker System.  For a one time setup of $250 (No Charge if sign up for annual package) we will walk you through the system and answer all of your questions to get you started quickly on the right foot.  Contact us for details.

    We don’t want to pay by the month. Can we just Purchase it Outright?

    Absolutely. That is our Platinum package

    While many customers find that paying a low monthly fee for us to keep the servers running and data backup makes it simple for them, others wish to purchase the application and run it on their own servers.  We even have some customers who started with our server and later switched to their own server.

    Contact us today and we can answer any questions, or visit to find out more..