Save Money Going Green

Save money and Go Green

We have even eliminated the need for costly printers, ink, and paper at many sites by allowing invoices to be emailed and/or faxed immediately after the invoice is completed. By using wireless internet we can communicate back to our server and have an email or fax sent within 1 minute of finalizing the invoice. Many customers have found this feature alone saves them $1500 TO $2000 per truck per year. Plus of course less waste is good for the environment.
By automating four core application areas – dispatching software to optimize your gas milage, sales automation/order management, inventory management, and delivery confirmation – companies see significant benefits including:

  • Decrease of clerical, data, and invoicing errors
  • Reduction of communication costs
  • Additional sales through access to additional information
  • Shortened billing cycles
  • Increased worker productivity
  • Inventory, distribution, and shipping savings
  • Prevention of loss of revenue
  • Cost reductions from returns tracking

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