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Watch this video to find out how our Dispatching Software, Scheduling Trakker, can reduce fuel, save time and money

Our Dispatching Software/Fleet Software can reduce travel time, lower fuel needs, and save you money

When we were approached by our customers to create dispatching software/fleet software, we took a close look at the issues of scheduling in fleet management.

  1. The first issue that came to light was that they only had one main/master book, but they would often need more than one person to be answering calls, or making calls to schedule appointments. They would make copies of the main book and pass post-it notes to try and keep them in sync.
  2. The next issue we found was that because it was all in a book, they spent alot of time flipping through pages trying to find availability of their people and then hopefully finding a time slot that was somewhat near where this customer was.
  3. As a result there was a lot of time wasted passing notes back and forth to keep the schedules coordinated, it could take several minutes to find an agreeable time slot with the customer, and there were a fair number of mistakes in scheduling because everyone could not see the master book at all times.

This was just the beginning…
Field Service Truck

As we continued to look into their dispatching issues we found:

  1. Though most dispatchers had a pretty good idea of what towns were near each other, they did not know where all of the streets were in relation to each other
  2. Therefore appointments were being booked based upon being in the same town or a nearby town.  However they did not recognize that two appointments in the same town may be several miles across town from each other, where as another customer needing to be scheduled my be in the next town over, but that the two streets are only blocks away from each other
  3. So we found that scheduling appointments based physcial distance would be much more efficient than based upon the town.

So how can dispatching software/fleet software help?

By placing the appointments on a computer that shares the appointment calendar with all of your users you always have an up to the second calendar. Then by using global positioning of the customers addresses we can determine the distance between the customer’s address who is on the phone with you in relation to ALL of your upcoming scheduled appointments. While of course checking against available time slots, even allowing for double and triple booking if you wish to INSTANTLY give you a LIST of recommended dates and times to offer the customer.

Intelligent Computer Aided Dispatching screen
Intelligent Computer Aided Dispatching

As a result we now have Our Clean Easy to Read Business Scheduling Software that:

  • Reduces phone time needed to schedule the appointment
  • Eliminates scheduling conflicts due to a master book only one person can see at a time. Now everyone has the master book at a click of the mouse
  • Reduces travel time.
  • Reduces the cost of man hours used in travel time
  • The amount of gas needed is reduced, lowering your gas cost

This was all very useful in our development plan of our dispatching software/fleet software solution. But we took it a few steps further.
Plus we built in:

  • Recurring events calendar to help regularly schedule maintenace visits.
  • To Do List to remind you to call and schedule appointment.
  • Recommendations so you know which customers you should be calling based upon their locations to fill in your already growing appointment schedule.

This is Field Service Trakker Business Scheduling Software


Typical Day with Dispatching Software

This short animated video tells the story of a typical day with our Dispatching Software, Field Service Trakker

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