Convenience Of Credit Card Processing

Regardless of the size of a company, a wireless credit card processing device can be a very helpful tool. Using a wireless Card Processing terminal has many benefits for a company. This tool will help you speed up the payment process as well as cut down on the processing fees. If you do not know what…

Field Service Trakker 6.12.3 released with email & bulk email tracking

Today we released the December 6.12.3 version of our Trakker Suite of software.  With added features like Email Tracking, and Bulk Email Tracking with opt-out/in capability our Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) is truly a single point of shared customer information for you company.  Now you can open your customer information and see all of their contact…

Trakker Lite Launched

Trakker Lite will be released on Feb 15, 2010 to run on just about ANY Windows device.

Trakker Lite Announced

Handheld Trakker will be changing its name to Trakker Lite and can now run on Windows Mobile devices, Netbooks, Laptops, and Desktops with new automated backup features allowing more choices and better support.