What Your Office Staff Sees

Your office staff sees all the field activity for the day including customer visits, sales, and restock requirements. All the field information is available to the office staff with a click of the mouse.

Trakker allows sales and distribution personnel to gather, enter and share data in the field or at the office, wherever it is the most convenient, thus increasing efficiency, improving productivity and making your company more profitable and competitive.

Schedule Appointments- When a call comes use the dispatching software to schedule it by desired date range and closest available technician with our field service management software’s Advanced Scheduling Assistance.

Recurring Events- Setup Recurring customer visits/events to pop up as alerts on the To Do list to schedule an appoinment, send a notice, etc.

Reverse Appointment Scheduling- If a recurring customer event is to call and set an appointment with a customer, the Scheduler will help you decide on a recommended order to schedule appointments with the customers.

Track Inventory- Automatically tracks inventory on all trucks, the warehouse, and what needs to be restocked on the trucks at the end of the day.

Purchase Order- Place orders and receive on them.

Customer History- See all of the history of customer service calls, invoices, service agreements, contact info, emails, etc.

Truck Location– See where your guys are and where they have been.

Many Reports- This top of the line field service management software has many reports and we can design ones specific to your needs.

•All Email Communications Associated with the customer- Making it easier for your entire staff to see full email communications with customers and vendors

Plus Much More…

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