Why Some Businesses Almost Always Get Paid Faster

It’s true!  Some businesses get paid faster than others.

Is yours one of those?  It could be.

Photo by paul kempin from FreeImages


Sure there are many reasons why some businesses get paid faster than others, especially in the service industry.  But one that many of our customers have reported to us is simply getting the invoice to the right person as quickly as possible.

That is why Field Service Trakker comes with the AutoEmailer.

When an invoice is completed in the field using Field Service Trakker for Android as soon as the customer digitally signs it, they have the option to make the payment then as Cash, Check or CC or Invoice to Account (these options are controlled by the office per customer).  If the customer pays right then and there… Viola!  Payment received.

But notice the last option Invoice to Account.  In most situations a copy is printed or hand written and given to the person who signed the invoice.  In most cases however, that is not the person who writes the check.  So the signed copy might sit at their desk a few days and then go to someone else who then gives it to the Accounts Payable person to pay.  Then the Account Payable person will pay it following their standard payment process.  But it often takes several days to get to them before the standard payment process even begins.


Field Service Trakker’s AutoEmailer

The Field Service Trakker AutoEmailer takes care of this.  When the customer signs it and the option for Invoice to Account is selected the completed invoice is automatically emailed directly to the person in charge of making the payments.  This can take several days of paper processing out of the equation so that it can immediately be put onto the AP payment process.

Most of our customers have a seen significant decrease in their Outstanding Late Balances due to this process.  Call us today at (847) 348-1404  or email at sales@LongwellTech.com to find out how this could be implemented to help your business.


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